Transportation Volunteer Medical Ride Service aka FISH ("Friends in Service Helping")

"Friends in Service Helping"

Due to COVID-19 and the State guidance on public transportation, the FISH program is on hold until further notice. 

MEDICAL RIDES are performed by the Mattapoisett Council on Aging staff using public vehicles.


In 1961 church members in Oxford, England, organized to provide assistance and transportation to medical and other appointments for neighbors. There are now countless such organizations around the world. Mattapoisett’s FISH program has been a tradition for 35 years.

What does FISH do?

In a community without taxi service and only limited bus service, it is quite conceivable that any of us could be caught without available transportation for a previously arranged medical appointment. FISH volunteers provide transportation to local medical or dental appointments at no fee. Volunteers use their own vehicles and fuel.  


Commitment of time as a FISH volunteer could be a one day per week, one day per month, or any other amount of time. All time is offered at the volunteers’ convenience. FISH is always looking for:

  • Volunteer Dispatchers to schedule drivers (the more dispatchers, the fewer service days per week/month)
  • Volunteer Drivers to drive clients, as drivers are available

Some volunteers have asked about insurance coverage. Because this is strictly a volunteer service, your home owner’s insurance policy may have a rider or statement regarding volunteering. Also, your auto insurance covers passengers.

Those interested in volunteering or have questions should call: 508.758.4110

Need Medical Transportation?

If you are in need of services please call the Mattapoisett Council on Aging: 508.758.4110. The COA will coordinate transportation with FISH for ambulatory riders. Non-ambulatory riders or long distance appointments is provided by the Council on Aging. For all transportation requests, requests MUST be made no later than 2 business days in advance; a week in advance is prefered.