About Mattapoisett

The History
Mattapoisett was incorporated as a town on May 20, 1857, but prior to that it was a village within the Town of Rochester.
Early life in the village was relatively independent of other villages since the economy was self sustaining and travel was slow and difficult.  After 1800, the town grew to be a renowned ship building community, supplying vessels of varying size and tonnage to the shipping and whaling industries.  The last vessel to be built in Mattapoisett was the bark "Wanderer"launched in 1878.
Another early industry was the "Salt Works" which produced vast quantities of salt from sea water.Following the decline of the whaling industry and the age of sail, the town became a "summering place" for residents of New Bedford and Boston.
The history is documented and presented in a delightful Historical Museum, maintained and improved by a dedicated and very active Mattapoisett Historical Society.