2020 Parking Pass & Shellfish Permit Information


Where do I need a Parking Pass?

The Parking Pass must be displayed on a vehicle’s rearview mirror and is required at the following locations:

  • Town Landing (Off Mattapoisett Neck Rd.)
  • Shining Tides Beach (End of Reservation Rd.)
  • Hiller’s Cove Beach (Off Aucoot Rd.)
  • Town Beach (Water St.)
  • Town Wharf (Shipyard Park – Water St.)



What proof is required to purchase a Parking Pass?

Parking Passes are available for $10 for Mattapoisett Residents and Property Owners only.

  • Residents are required to provide a Current Vehicle Registration for each Parking Pass.
  • Non-Resident Property Owners are required to provide Current Property Tax Bill, as well as a Current Vehicle Registration for each Parking Pass.
  • Applicants 65 or older must provide Proof of Age, in addition to documents stated above.
  • Year-round and Winter (9-month) Renters are required to provide a Valid Lease from Landlord showing lease dates, as well as a Current Vehicle Registration for each pass.

What is a Guest Parking Pass?

One Guest Pass per Mattapoisett residence may be purchased by the property owner for $35 upon Proof of Residency or Property Ownership and the purchase of at least one (1) Parking Pass.  

  • Must be displayed on the vehicle’s rearview mirror,
  • Can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle,
  • Are NOT replaceable,
  • Are NOT valid at the Town Wharf.

What are the Shellfish Rules & Regulations and where can I go shellfishing?

On the Town’s website, click the “Local Shellfish Maps” page to view shellfishing locations.

What proof is required to purchase a Shellfish Permit (Button)?

  • For Mattapoisett Residents and Property Owners, the cost of a Shellfish Permit (Button) is $25. Proof of Residency or Property Ownership is required.
  • For Marion and Rochester residents, the cost is $35, which includes an orange Parking Placard, to be hung on the vehicle’s rearview mirror. Proof of Residency is required.
  • For all Other Non-Residents, the cost is $135, which includes an orange Parking Placard, to be hung on the vehicle’s rearview mirror.

How can I purchase a Parking Pass, Guest Parking Pass or Shellfish Permit?


There are three (3) methods for purchasing Parking Passes & Shellfish Permits:

  • In Office - by cash or check made payable to the Town of Mattapoisett at the Treasurer/Collector’s Office during normal work hours.
  • By Mail - Mail-in forms are found below. Mail completed form, copy of vehicle registration(s), payment and self-addressed envelope to P.O. Box 433. Placards will be mailed back.
  • Online (MATTAPOISETT RESIDENTS ONLY) – on the Town’s website by clicking here, and following the instructions for registering for eBill. For taxpayers who have already registered for paying other town bills, just log in.

The applicant’s Name and License Plate # will be verified to Mattapoisett’s Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bill File. The fee for this service is $.25 when paying with a checking or savings account. For paying with a credit card, the convenience fee will range from approximately 1 to 4 dollars. A Payment Calculator is located at the bottom of the Registration Page to help you calculate the credit card fee.

Placards will be mailed to the address on the matching Excise Bill.

If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

For questions regarding the issuance of Parking Passes or Shellfish Permits, contact the Treasurer/Collector's office at 508-758-4100, ext.1.

For questions on Shellfishing regulations, contact the Shellfish Warden at 508-209-4931.