Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the keeper of the Town Seal and authorizes its use.

The Town Clerk is responsible for filing and recording many legal documents of the Town. Board of Appeals applications and decisions, all submissions to the Planning Board and their actions relating thereto. These documents have an appeal period and certification of any appeals or the lack thereof is issued after the appropriate time frame. Also recorded are Pole Locations, Business Certificates, Soil Permits, Gasoline Registrations, Rules and Regulations of all town departments and boards. Births, deaths, burial permits and marriage certificates are issued, filed and recorded along with Antique Dealers Permits, Raffle and Bazaar Permits, as well as dogs licenses. Deeds of the town and miscellaneous maps are also filed here.

Also, for recording all actions of Annual and Special town meetings, along with conducting all elections and associated responsibilities, i.e. current voting lists, absent voting, voter registration, special voting sessions before every election and town meeting, preparing ballots and employing sufficient poll workers for the orderly conduct of an election.

Certification of any document or action recorded and filed in the Town Clerk's Office is the responsibility of the Town Clerk.

All elected and appointed officials are sworn to the faithful performance of their duties by the Town Clerk. Each person will receive and be asked to sign an acknowledgement of extracts pertaining to the "Open Meeting Laws", "Standards of Conduct for Public Officials", and the "Conflict of Interest Law". The signed acknowledgement is prima facie evidence that each person is cognizant of those laws and should act accordingly. They will also now be required to complete an online training program. This training must be completed within 30 days of appointment or election and every 2 years thereafter.

Booklets of Zoning, General and Personnel By-Laws are codified, printed and distributed by the Town Clerk's Office. This also applies to rules and regulations filed by boards and committees. The Official Town Map is kept current by the Town Clerk.

All Mattapoisett waters related databases, i.e. boats, moorings, wharfage, skiffs, dinghy, boat stickers, inspection forms and waiting lists are the responsibility of the Town Clerk. Management, programming, receiving and filing applications for waiting lists, billing for boat stickers, wharf, skiff and mooring spaces and collecting all fees relating thereto.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Catherine Heuberger Town Clerk 508-758-4100 ext. 207
Jodie Mazerolle Camara Assistant Clerk 508-758-4100 ext. 217
Elizabeth Carreiro Principal Clerk 508-759-4100 ext. 209