A response to Friday, Aug.19th, Mattapoisett events.


To the Mattapoisett community and its supportive neighbors,

Friday August 19th will be a day that the residents of Mattapoisett will never forget.  Though it was a very challenging day for the Town, it was also a moment in which the entire community can be proud of because of the acts of heroism displayed by so many.  

Friday morning the Mattapoisett Police Department, with support from the Massachusetts State Police and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office (as well as mutual aid provided by Police Departments from Fairhaven, Rochester, and Marion) assisted with the search and arrest of suspects involved in a mailbox fishing ring.  A chase began in the early hours of Friday and lasted for several hours as the suspects attempted to evade police.  We are very thankful for the efforts of all officers in apprehending the suspects and ensuring no one was harmed during the pursuit.

A couple hours later, explosions shook the Town of Mattapoisett.  The six-alarm fire that ravished the Mattapoisett Boatyard was unlike any in the Town’s history.  It left the nearly three acres that comprise the Boatyard a barren wasteland of scorched wood, fiberglass, and metal.  There were many heroes during Friday’s blaze whose acts of bravery must be acknowledged.  Boatyard workers who were quick to respond, saving the lives of those caught in the early stages of the fire, and of course our first responders who not only rescued those who were injured on the site, but also stopped the fire from spreading helping to save homes, property, and the lives of nearby citizens.

In the aftermath of such tragic events, we often reflect on moments and ponder on what more could have been done.  I can confidently say that I hold absolute solace in knowing that all those involved gave everything they could to ensure Friday’s fire didn’t develop into a larger crisis. 

We are extremely grateful as a community for the mutual aid provided by departments from all over the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Over a dozen communities rushed to provide support to the Town.  Several State agencies also provided aid both during and after the fire.  It was awe inspiring to see first responders gather from all areas of the Southcoast to help the Mattapoisett community in its time of need.  I am also very moved by the support from the Mattapoisett Community.  Several residents and local businesses provided food and water to first responders throughout the weekend and countless people have donated to several fundraising efforts to support the Boatyard and its staff. 

To all those who provided help to the Mattapoisett Community in this time of need we thank you.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who were injured, the Kaiser family, and all others connected to the Mattapoisett Boatyard. 


Michael Lorenco

Town Administrator

Town of Mattapoisett