A Note on "Mooring Inspections" for Boat Owners and "Billing Info" from the Harbormaster

Please read to the end if you have a mooring in town. Information regarding inspections and billing are here.


All moorings are required to be inspected every three years. This year that task falls to all the lettered moorings, A-H. Next fall will be moorings 1-500, and the third year will be 501-1000. Then the process starts all over.


The lettered moorings can be inspected either in the fall of this year or the spring of 2018. The choice is yours. Two considerations are, 1...) if done at the time the winter stick is put on, and chain needs to be replaced, the new chain will just be soaking (and beginning the deterioration process) all winter. However, 2) if you wait until spring, the boat sticker will not be sent to you until that inspection form is received even though it has been paid for. It is a violation not to have the sticker on the boat with a potential $10 per day fine for not having it.

Most inspectors would rather do it in the fall simply because they have the usual spring rush going on with boat work, launching, and so forth. The choice is between you and your inspector.


Also be advised that the Selectmen voted to change the billing period to better reflect the usual way it is done virtually everywhere else. The change will allow us to manage the field better and distribute transfers and new moorings better and in a more timely fashion. It has been unacceptable to try to give out new moorings and reassign locations in the summer after people have already made arrangements for accommodations and then incur additional charges because of it. So, look for your bill around the first of November with the same 60 days to make the payment, and in January to pay with the usual $50 late fee.


If there is anything else that you may have questions regarding, please feel free to email or call.


Take care, be safe, and enjoy the winter! Think spring!

Jamie McIntosh
Town of Mattapoisett
16 Main Street
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Office: 508-758-4191