Why do we protect wetlands?

Wetlands provide many invaluable functions to a healthy ecosystem and to society. Under the Wetlands Protection Act there are eight interests that are protected:

  1. Protection of public and private water supply
  2. Protection of ground water supply
  3. Flood control
  4. Storm damage prevention
  5. Prevention of pollution
  6. Protection of land containing shellfish
  7. Protection of fisheries
  8. Protection of wildlife habitat

10.2: Statement of Jurisdiction

  1. Areas Subject to Protection Under M.G.L. c. 131 § 40
    1. Any bank, the ocean, any freshwater wetland, any estuary, any coastal wetland, any creek, any beach, boarding any river, any dune, on any stream, any flat, any pond, any marsh, any lake, or any swamp.
    2. Land under any of the water bodies listed above
    3. Land subject to tidal action
    4. Land subject to coastal storm flowage
    5. Land subject to flooding
    6. Riverfront area