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Highway Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Highway Surveyor
16 Main Street

Mattapoisett, MA 02379
508 758-4181
508 758-3030
508 758-4141
Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Notify the Police Department of any emergencies you may have.
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The Highway Department has 5 full-time employees, plus the Highway Surveyor. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the town roadways, beaches, parks and buildings, storm water drainage system, sidewalks, street and traffic signs, public parking lots and driveways, town guardrails, and general upkeep of Highway Department vehicles and equipment.

General maintenance responsibilities include: catch basin cleaning, street sweeping, traffic markings, mowing and trash removal at town parks, public grounds and town beaches, snow plowing and sanding.

The Highway Department is run by the Highway Surveyor. The Highway Surveyor is an elected position with a three-year term.  The Mattapoisett Highway Department is on call 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency after regular business hours please call the Mattapoisett Police Department.


During winter season, the Highway Department manages & dispatches sanding and plowing equipment. The severity of a storm dictates the number and type of vehicles to be dispatched. Main arteries, hills, schools and emergency facilities are first priorities. Secondary streets are then serviced. Please be patient during storms. Highway personnel will be there as soon as possible.
In the case of a fire or medical emergency, call 911 and the Police Department Dispatcher will automatically contact the Highway Department for the immediate dispatch of snow removal equipment.

No person other than an employee of the Town of Mattapoisett acting in an official capacity shall neither direct, discharge, dump, plow, blow, shovel or deposit snow, ice or water subject to freezing onto, into or across any public way (including sidewalks), nor cause, direct, sanction or authorize any such activity involving snow, ice or water on a public way (including sidewalks).

The Highway Department is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the storm water drainage system. This includes, but is not limited to, catch basin cleaning, repair and replacement , drainage pipe cleaning, repair and replacement, drainage ditch, swale, pond and outfall mapping and cleaning.
There are over 700 catch basins and over 20 miles of drainage piping throughout the town. Drainage ditches, swales, ponds and outfalls are cleaned and regraded routinely. Sand, leaves, pine needles and other debris all contribute to clogging these systems. If you observe street flooding or deteriorated collapsing structures please call the Mattapoisett Highway Department.
Please make an effort to clear leaves and debris from the catch basin covers in your localized areas in order to help us keep our drainage system running properly. Our drainage system empties into local wetlands, streams and the ocean. Please do not allow oil, household chemicals, fertilizer, sewage or other pollutants to enter the system. If this should occur, please notify the Highway Department immediately.

From the end of the snow season in the spring until the first snow in the fall, the Highway Department sweeps our Town streets. Street sweeping removes sand, leaves and other debris from our streets making them safer. Picking up this material also helps to keep our drainage system clear and eliminates possible pollutants from entering our drainage out-falls.
In addition to the 40 miles of Town paved roads, we also sweep as many of the 36 miles of Private paved roads as time allows. Roads with drainage systems require multiple sweepings throughout the year.
Time, weather and available manpower may not allow for sweeping all streets as much as we would like them swept. If your neighborhood has not been swept, feel free to contact the Highway Department, and we will put you on the list for the next available sweeping.

The Highway Department provides repair services to roads and sidewalks throughout the town. Repairs may consist of small to large potholes, trench repairs and repairs around storm drain systems. Problem areas are checked on a routine basis.
The Highway Department responds to reported potholes normally within 24 hours. Potholes should be reported directly to the Mattapoisett Highway Department at (508) 758-4181. Residents should provide exact street address when possible.

The Highway Department provides all municipal street signs and maintains traffic markings including crosswalks and various Parking Space markings. Additionally we provide Emergency Assistance to Police and Fire Departments with street closings and detours, and Traffic Barricades for Holidays and Special Town Events.
Please report missing or hard to read Signs to the Highway Department.

The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining safe lines of sight along all Public Ways in order to prevent accidents and to ensure public safety. The Highway Department has no adequate brush mowing capabilities and is limited to mainly hand work. Large scale tree removals are handled by the Town of Mattapoisett Tree Warden. Private Property Owners are requested to maintain shrubs, bushes and vegetations on their properties to provide safe lines of sight for traffic.

The Highway Department provides trash removal from the Town’s Recreational Facilities. Trash barrels are placed at these Facilities and trash is picked up on Monday, Friday and Sunday or as needed. The Highway Department is not staffed to perform daily litter pickup along all Public Ways. We appreciate the cooperation of the Public and Private Businesses in keeping our Town clean and beautiful.

The Residents and Business Owners of Mattapoisett take great pride in the upkeep and care of their properties. The Mattapoisett Highway Department recognizes the effort that you make to keep the Town looking good. We are doing our best to keep the Public Areas and Roads as nice as the Private Properties.
Highway Department Employees are receiving formal training through the Bay State Roads Program (LTAP) Workshop, a Cooperative Effort of the Federal Highway Administration, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation, and The University of Massachusetts Transportation Center.
In addition, all Employees have received emergency management training through The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency with the assistance of the Mattapoisett Fire Department.
In conclusion we would like to emphasize that the Mattapoisett Highway Department is much more than a Road Maintenance Crew. The Highway Department assists all Town Departments. Whether it's cleaning up after a storm or moving furniture and boxes for decorating the Town for a Holiday or Special Event, this Department is a group of dedicated individuals who take pride in working for the People of Mattapoisett.
Highway Surveyor Barry J. Denham

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